Our Founder

Our Founder Sarah Janes, is a comprehensively certified classical Pilates instructor, 3rd-Generation after completing her certification under Kirk James Smith at the Classical Pilates Centre. She has had the honour of training under the most respected 2nd-Generation Classical Pilates Teachers from around the World. After competing her initial comprehensive teacher training certification with Kirk James Smith, Classical Pilates Centre UK, she has since gone on to expand her knowledge through mentorship programmes and advanced certifications. In 2023, she embarked on a Teacher Mentorship Programme with Carrie Russo Pilates, followed by achieving a fully comprehensive Teacher Trainer certification at The Classical Pilates Centre under Kirk James Smith’s guidance. Sarah Janes is currently undertaking the Advanced Teachers Course ‘Principles of Guidance’ led by Miguel Silva of the Uno Pilates School, Zurich. Dedicated to staying true to the original works of Joseph Pilates, Sarah helps people reach their ultimate fitness goals.

Our studio

In our studio, we recognise that everybody is a Very Individual Person. We offer a range of packages and memberships tailored to help you move, look, and feel great. At VIPilates you will receive the individual attention needed to help you get in great condition and physical shape.

Our beliefs

At VIPilates, we stay true to the original works of Joseph Pilates and honour the integrity of the Joseph Pilates method. Our studio apparatus is supplied by Gratz™, the original manufacturer of Pilates equipment. Because we believe that every one of our clients is a Very Individual Person with very individual needs, it is our mission to create workouts that challenge the body. Our aim is for you to learn how to move with freedom and to use your “power-house”. 

Our classes

Classes are taught by Sarah Janes and our team of carefully selected classical Pilates instructors. You’ll find something for everyone at VIPilates, as a result, we offer a range of classes from private one-on-one Pilates sessions to duet sessions and small group classes with a maximum of 5 attendees. Our mat classes incorporate Gratz™ wall units that utilise spring tension to both aid and challenge you in your workout. In each of our classes, we utilise a variety of classical apparatus for a truly tailored workout and we address your body’s individual needs each session. We have a workout for every level of fitness. We guarantee whatever your level, our classes will be a challenge and an education for your body! 

Our mentoring and training

Sarah mentors Instructors wanting to integrate their current Pilates certification by deepening their knowledge around Classical Pilates. Her experience with helping teachers bridge their knowledge has led to the development of the VIPOD, where Sarah and her team offer 1:1 mentoring and teacher training.

Clients of the classical Pilates instructor Sarah Janes