Live online mat Pilates classes via Zoom

Come and join a fun and supportive Pilates community ! Daily Online zoom classes are interactive, educational and challenging whatever your level – you will be guided through every exercise, so you know you are exercising correctly and you will be cheered along every step of the way !

There are beginner , intermediate and more advanced levels to select from and these classes will keep you moving , feeling positive and your body shape will also become more toned and stronger.

There are so many benefits to mat Pilates .. you just have to show up!

The best results come attending 2-3 live online classes per week.

Looking for online Pilates classes that are fun, challenging and daily for great results? Choose which option is best for you:

Gold Virtual VIP membership

  • Unlimited mat classes – 9 classes per week to choose from rolling Monthly membership offering beginner through to intermediate and more advanced levels.
  • This membership is for you if you want to improve core strength, flexibility, get flatter abdominals , stronger back, toned shoulders and move, look and feel great.
  • We recommend attending classes a minimum of 3 times a week for best results.

£48.00 per month

Platinum Virtual VIP membership

  • Unlimited mat classes PLUS 3 extra small equipment classes. Includes magic circles, therabands, pilates balls, small hand weights . This is For you if you want to challenge your stability and focus ( preferably you have experience of the mat workout) and want added variation to your mat workout. You will see toned arms and legs and flatter stomach and stronger back. Leaner stronger, more balanced muscles.
  • For best results we recommend attending classes a minimum of 3 workouts a week.

£60.00 per month

All online classes are 45 – 50 minutes in duration.
Clients are expected to have no current injuries or no / joint disorders. If this is you, we recommend you get medical clearance from your GP and book a private lesson to discuss your fitness plan.

“I can’t believe how much better I feel during and after the classes. I feel like they are a life line. Thank you “


“Thanks for the variety and mix in all the classes Sarah. The work you put into the daily routines makes exercising both tough and great fun”


“I’m feeling it already , I honestly can’t believe how good I feel afterwards. I really enjoy the sessions. I have a lot of problems with my lower back and I’ve coped with this so well, it’s really does me good. I love it”


We also have archive pre recorded videos for you to access , should you become a VIPilates member, so you may keep your practice going between live classes.

Start you Pilates journey here – Challenge yourself with a daily mat class over the next 14 days and see your body transform as it reenergises, mobilises and feels more toned with our two week membership.