Course Preparation

We take course preparation seriously to ensure that each candidate is equipped with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to successfully complete our Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training programme. As part of our course preparation process, each candidate must take an initial assessment with Sarah Janes before starting the course.

During the assessment, candidates may be asked to perform a series of intermediate exercises on the Mat and the Reformer. You can request a list of Intermediate exercises from our syllabus and watch Sarah demonstrate the Intermediate Mat sequence in the video below:

We understand that not all candidates need the initial assessment, especially if they they are already a certified instructor and confident about your skills and abilities.

If you believe that you meet the criteria for exemption from the initial assessment, you can directly request an enrolment form. Exemption is granted to certified instructors or individuals with significant prior experience in Classical Pilates. This allows us to acknowledge your expertise and streamline your admission process.

To request an enrolment form, or to apply for our Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training programme please email