Classical Mat Pilates Group Class

We offer our Classical Mat Pilates classes for groups of no more than five participants. We focus on small class sizes and tailor each class to the ability level of our clients. This allows us to provide each client with attention to detail and hands-on correction so you can confidently perform every exercise correctly. 

All of our classes incorporate Gratz™ mat units, which utilise spring tension to both aid and challenge the user, leaving you stronger, more flexible and more in control of your body. 

Beginners enjoy this foundational approach to classical mat Pilates classes because they are designed to provide an overview of the Pilates methods and principles. For experienced mat Pilates participants, you’ll find the classes will help to keep your body stretched and toned and the added straps on the apparatus will help you gain more connection to your body.

What’s even better is that you can attend your first Classical Mat Pilates class for free – claim your free class now

Classical Mat Pilates Packages

We offer two packages for Classical Mat Pilates sessions, a membership and a flex-plan:

Single Classical Mat Pilates Class
Attend one Classical Mat Pilates class for £15 per person. Book a single Classical Mat Pilates class

Block of 4 Classical Mat Pilates Classes
Attend four Classical Mat Pilates group classes, that is one class a week. This option is for those ready to commit to Pilates and is £56 per person per month. Book a weekly Classical Mat Pilates class

The Classical Mat Pilates Class Membership
Attend a Classical Mat Pilates class once a week for an entire year! This package is designed to increase your strength, stamina and fitness and is £40 per person per month. Book a Classical Mat Pilates membership

Flexi Class Pass
Attend any 10 group classes (mat or Tower / Reformer) in a month for £170 per person. Book a flexi-class pass now!