Tower / Reformer Pilates Group Class

We offer our Tower / Reformer Pilates classes for groups of no more than five participants. We focus on small class sizes and tailor each class to the ability level of our clients. This allows us to provide each client with attention to detail and hands-on correction so you can confidently perform every exercise correctly. 

All of our classes incorporate Gratz™ wall units, which utilise spring tension to both aid and challenge the user, leaving you stronger, more flexible and more in control of your body. 

Beginners enjoy group apparatus mat classes because they help to deepen their understanding of classical Pilates exercise principles. Plus, they feel confident and secure with the aid and support the apparatus springs provide. You’ll discover a challenging workout thanks to the unique properties of the springs.

Group apparatus mat Pilates classes are held in the VIPilates studio

Seasoned Pilates practitioners benefit from group classes too! There is always something new for your body to learn and reasons for you to dig deeper. Plus, the Very Individual approach we take at VIPilates means even in a group session, we tailor each workout to address your specific needs.

Group Tower Pilates classes are available for all fitness levels. At your private induction session, we will work together to identify problem areas and set key goals you’d like to achieve. From there we can advise on which group class will be most beneficial for you. 

How we can help you feel more lifted , upright and walking taller with our studio apparatus , the roll back bar.