Meet the Team

Come and learn more about our team of instructors offering Classical Pilates in the West Midlands. Read each instructor’s bio to get to know them better and be sure to follow them on Instagram for inspiration in and out of the studio.

Sarah Janes

Sarah Janes

Certified Classical Pilates Instructor & VIPilates Founder

Sarah Janes fully comprehensive 3rd generation Pilates teacher and holistic therapist and founder of VIPilates classical studio.

My passion for Pilates developed after I took classes over 12 years ago. Initially I was attending regular Mat classes and I was seeing and feeling results after attending a group mat class a couple of times a week.

My background is from the holistic therapies field. My passion stems from wellness and keeping fit – having ran , cycled and danced my way to fitness , I truly enjoyed anything that challenged my body and took it to the next level of fitness. In 2006 I completed my first New York Marathon.

Shortly after my daughter was born in 2009 I branched out from my holistic therapies background to become a fitness instructor and qualified as a Level 3 mat Pilates teacher in 2012 running my own community mat classes and loving it! I took extra courses and completed pre and post natal fitness qualifications and L4 back pain management certifications.

I soon started to see the benefits of Mat Pilates as
I could see how quickly my clients toned up doing 2 Mat classes a week, and they seemed to want to keep coming back for more which then gave me thirst for knowledge.

My interests in classical Pilates was born out of my love for discovering and taking regular reformer classes and I just loved how taking these classes alongside teaching my own mat Pilates classes started to deepen my own awareness of the Pilates method and also started to change the way I taught Mat Pilates. I could see how strong the classical Pilates exercises were and that they were part of a system within the Pilates method – I was hooked !

In 2017 I met and studied under Kirk James Smith (a second generation Pilates master trainer) from the classical Pilates Centre in Bollington , Macclesfield . I started taking regular private lessons with him and then later enrolled on his fully comprehensive Pilates course to immerse myself in the original works of Joseph Pilates.

In 2018 I received my certification as a 3rd generation classical Pilates teacher. I founded my boutique classical Pilates studio VIPilates and my vision to help others improve their health and lifestyle through Classical Pilates was born.

My passion is helping clients make inroads into their Pilates journey no matter where they are at. I love seeing my clients mindset change and their confidence soar as a result of connecting their mind and body through the classical Pilates method. My belief is that movement heals and you are on an incredible journey where you never get it done and you never step into the same workout twice. I hold the space for my clients to make changes to their body from the inside out. It comes from the mind first.

I am always studying and practicing with my own body and my promise to my clients is I can help them make the changes needed to get long lasting results.

With the continuous guidance of my mentor Kirk James Smith, as well as serving my vast client base, I am now moving into mentoring other teachers who are interested in learning the classical Pilates method. My absolute passion is sharing the knowledge and resources I have acquired over the years of my own experience and putting into practice helping teachers bridge their knowledge from where they are currently at to understanding more about the Pilates method alongside offering exciting teaching opportunities.

Natasha French

Natasha French

Studio Partner

With a corporate background in marketing, Natasha now uses the skills and experience she’s gained over the years working with global Healthcare and Wellness brands, to help develop VIPilates strategic direction through rewarding teaching opportunities for Pilates Instructors and working with individuals and business owners in our goal to make the best Pilates programme accessible to everyone. She is passionate about holistic health and wellbeing and has a keen interest in businesses focused on improving Women’s Health.

It’s her shared passion for helping others and desire to help other women that brought Natasha and Sarah together as Partners in 2023 with a single clear mission: to help all women on their wellness journey, no matter where they are.



Pilates Instructor

Pamela is a dedicated and experienced Pilates practitioner, with over 10 years of immersive experience in the discipline. Initially drawn to Pilates as a means of improving posture, balance, and overall fitness, Pamela has explored both classical and modern Pilates practices. Through this exploration, she has developed a deep affinity for the classical system.

Pamela’s passions extend beyond the realm of Pilates, as she has a deep love for plants and their inherent beauty and benefits. She believes that incorporating movement and form inspired by plants can have a profound impact on one’s mood, creativity, and stress levels. By combining movement and the natural world, Pamela strives to help her clients achieve a happy, healthy, and fully functioning body.

Pamela’s commitment to Pilates goes beyond her personal practice. After training to become a Pilates Teacher, she recognized that Pilates is not solely a way to improve physical posture and form, but also a powerful tool for calming the mind. As a qualified mat instructor, Pamela has the opportunity to share her passion for Pilates with others. Her unique background in teaching various subjects brings a special approach to her Pilates instruction, allowing her to support her clients in feeling more connected to their bodies and becoming stronger both mentally and physically.

Pamela’s greatest joy is helping others discover the immense benefits of regular Pilates practice. She embraces the opportunity to guide her clients on a transformative journey, where they can cultivate a deeper understanding of their bodies and experience growth in both mind and physique.

Get ready to embark on an enriching Pilates experience with Pamela. By stepping onto the mat with her, you’ll have the chance to flourish alongside a supportive instructor who is dedicated to your progress.

Jules Hepworth

Jules Hepworth

Mat 3 Classical Pilates Instructor

Jules is passionate about teaching people and her aim is for everyone to fall in love with Pilates.

She loves seeing a client start to understand how their body works and how Classical Pilates can help with health & wellbeing.

Jules also loves building a good rapport with clients and enjoys helping them to achieve their fitness and health goals.

Jules professionally danced from a young age and believes her love of Pilates and movement comes from this.

Jessica and Lucie

Jessica and Lucie

Team Teachers

Sisters Jessica and Lucie are our lovely team teachers who instruct together every Wednesday at VIPilates.

Both are formerly trained in Classical method. They have beautiful, vibrant and bubbly personalities and passion for Pilates that shines through in their teaching!



Pilates Instructor

Jo is a passionate Pilates practitioner who finds great joy in helping others improve their overall fitness, health, and happiness. She has been practicing Pilates since an early age, starting with her training at the National Ballet School in Warsaw. Since then, Jo has continued to cultivate her love for Pilates through personal practice and teaching.

In her early twenties, Jo obtained qualifications as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and Pilates instructor. With these certifications, she has gained valuable experience teaching both classical Pilates to adults, children, and teenagers. Jo’s dedication to continuous learning and development is evident in her commitment to ongoing Pilates training. She strives to acquire new knowledge and skills every day to further enhance her teaching abilities.

Jo’s passion for movement and wellness extends beyond Pilates. She has had the opportunity to live and dance professionally in Spain, adding to her diverse background and experiences.

With Jo as your instructor, you can expect a knowledgeable and dedicated guide on your Pilates journey. Her commitment to ongoing learning ensures that she stays up-to-date with the latest techniques and practices in the field. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Jo will provide a supportive and motivating environment to help you achieve your goals.

Join Jo in exploring the amazing benefits of Pilates and experience the transformative power of this discipline for yourself.



Pilates Instructor

Mirren is a dedicated and experienced Pilates instructor, whose passion for movement and functional training has guided her journey in the health and fitness industry. Beginning her Pilates training in 2015, Mirren quickly discovered her natural aptitude for this dynamic discipline.

Since completing her Pilates diploma, Mirren has continuously honed her skills and expanded her expertise. Pursuing her interest in functional training, she sought further education and training opportunities with Lindsay Wilcox-Reid, ultimately obtaining her Advanced Equipilates Biomechanics Trainer qualification. This additional knowledge has empowered Mirren to better understand the intricacies of the human body and develop targeted exercises and techniques to optimise movement and overall physical performance.

Mirren’s true passion lies in enabling the body to move freely and enhancing individuals’ ability to not only sustain but improve their movement and training capabilities.

With a wealth of experience working with a diverse range of clients, Mirren has developed a keen understanding of the various challenges and goals individuals may have.

Mirren’s goal as a Pilates instructor is to empower VIPilates clients to embrace movement and foster a deep connection between mind and body. Through her thoughtful instruction, she seeks to instill confidence and inspire individuals to continually strive for progress and improvement.