“At VIPilates it is our core belief that..

“It’s ok if you haven’t made exercise a priority , nor you are a natural exerciser – you may just feel you want to do something for yourself to feel good and more confident”

“Many clients that come through our doors , having not done exercise for a while… as wives , mothers or busy career women, you feel it’s time to take some time out to look after you. Forget the children, husband , business – come back to you. Regain your confidence!

New private client special offer

You are a Private client requiring one to one support and guidance.

Receive a Tailored exercise plan to meet your needs and reach your own wellness goals.

This is perfect for you if you are post natal , currently have no pilates experience or you are sedentary / coming out of injury and want to improve your fitness levels. Work at your own pace and build up your strength, stamina and mobility in your own pace.

What you get:

  • 1 private induction session, discuss goals and enjoy a 30 minute mini workout with the equipment that suits your level and fitness.
  • 2 private 60 minute lessons tailored to meet your individual needs
Price per client £160

Private Client Success Story

“Before I came to the studio I was attending beginner yoga & Pilates classes , I have a lot of weight to loose and I wanted to improve my fitness overall.

I decided to try VIPilates because I’d heard the use of Pilates equipment was very beneficial.

After only three weeks I am amazed at the results, by back ache has virtually gone ! My posture has improved as has my stamina, and my shape is changing too .

I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah @ VIpilates , she explains everything so you understand the benefits of each movement, she encourages you to work hard and is always smiley and happy , it really is the most fabulous place“

Deborah Watson

Private client

New client class special offer

Class participant , joining in a small group environment of up to 5 people in a class.

You already have a fairly good fitness level with no injuries or health conditions. You enjoy the social side of joining a class , and enjoy moving and exercising as part of a group.

What you get:

  • A private induction session 35 mins – meet sarah and the studio equipment , enjoy a personalised mini workout.
  • 2 equipment classes – choose from any suitable classes off the timetable
  • 1 mat class , either attended via zoom or in studio mat class.
Price per client £85

Class Member Success Story

“I’ve recently started Pilates classes with Sarah . On our first meeting I found Sarah to be very friendly and enthusiastic. She put me at eased immediately with her relax and encouraging teaching style .

I have only done a few classes but have already experienced the benefits.

I use to get a lot of low back pain and that has improved massively since starting these classes . I was also very keen to improve my posture and strengthen my core muscles .

Since starting Pilates I’m much more aware of my body movements and engaging my core muscles in everything I do .

I’m also now able to do some of the exercises I was unable to do on my first session , which demonstrate that my core strength is improving .

I’m even applying what I learned to my other fitness classes and I have notice I’m less stiff and achy the next day.

I’m really enjoying Sarah ‘s classes and are looking forward to improving my practise so I can reap all the health benefits “

Maria McGuffin

Cass member

If you can’t decide and you need more information, we can book you in for a 20 minute free consultation Call 0121 3085930 to book an informal chat with the team