Working out with a mate has always been a popular way to stay motivated and to achieve fitness goals. Whether it’s a running buddy or someone to spot you whilst lifting weights, the company of a friend often helps. Classical Pilates is no different! We have an entire programme dedicated to getting fit with another person and it’s called duet Pilates. A duet Pilates session consists of two compatible partners being taught a Pilates lesson simultaneously. To get the most out of a duet Pilates session, it’s important to choose a partner who has similar physical abilities to you and a similar goal.

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Who will benefit from a duet Pilates session?

Anyone who wants the motivation of a mate or a bit of healthy competition will benefit from a duet Pilates session. We’ve seen mates training together for a marathon use our services as well as spouses who want to spur each other on to achieve their fitness goals. Duet Pilates is ideal for work colleagues, siblings and even parents and their adult children.

Duet Pilates Class at VIPilates

What are the benefits of a duet Pilates session?

Also known as a semi-private Pilates session, duet Pilates offers a host of benefits. Of course, you’ve got your usual Pilates benefits of becoming more mobile, more flexible and improving your strength, but semi-private Pilates offers much more! Here are just a few benefits of attending a duet Pilates session:

  1. Duet Pilates sessions keep you motivated and the more motivated you are, the quicker you see real, lasting results.
  2. Duet Pilates sessions are cost-effective if you want the company of another person in your session whilst still maintaining your privacy whilst you workout.
  3. Duet Pilates sessions are tailored to you and your partner, so if you’re exercising together to achieve the same goal, like taking part in a triathlon, you’ll receive a regime tailored to help you both reach your specific goals, targeted at your individual needs.

What can we expect from our duet Pilates session?

Just like every class and session, we offer at VIPilates classical studio, you can expect a Very Individual Programme tailored to your specific and individual needs. We’ll kick things off with our mandatory induction session. We know, no one likes the small print and the boring stuff, but we really must go over it. This is how we can ensure you will receive a tailored experience that has been designed just for you. We’ll do an induction for both duet Pilates participants. Once you’ve been inducted, we’ll schedule in your first semi-private Pilates session! In the session you and your partner will work on all the apparatus in the studio, feeling and moving better as we work through each joint. You can expect the undivided attention of your instructor, ensuring you both perform each exercise correctly.

What duet Pilates packages do you offer?

We offer two duet Pilates packages – a one-off session in our Small Barrel Pilates Package or a block of four sessions in our Ladder Barrel Pilates Package. Head over to our duet Pilates class page to find out more about our packages and for tips on choosing the right partner to bring with you. When you’re ready to book, simply book on for an induction if either you or your partner are new to our studio.