Many top sports people are now turning to Pilates as an integral part of their fitness programme to enhance performance, improve their technique and keep their bodies strong, flexible and injury free!

Attention to detail on exercise and form can be of enormous benefit to athletes in all types of sports. Pilates can also be used as part of a rehabilitation from a long and short standing sports injury.

It’s a great way to compliment any sport such as golf, running, cycling, football, rugby or tennis and much more!

Here’s just a few of the many benefits of Pilates for Athletes…

– You can work through dynamic flexibility exercises whilst at the same time improving core strength, leading to increases in overall speed.
– You can develop awareness of overall movement and body position in space improving agility and alignment.
– You can increase muscle balance and work against postural changes that come with age. This can help to prevent overuse injuries.
– Whole-body movements for quick and efficient training.
– and so much more!

At VIPilates, we have fully comprehensive teachers who are also highly experienced, Classically trained and with expertise in professional sports and rehabilitation. If you’re looking to improve your strength, mobility and alignment our tailored programmes have everything you need to help improve your athletic performance!

We offer sessions in our beautiful purpose built, fully comprehensive Pilates studio offering Classical Apparatus, including the Reformer, Cadillac, injury and rehabilitation equipment to cater for everyone.

If you’re interested in elevating you or your team’s sports performance to a new level, why not contact our team? Together we can help enhance your sports performance and keep you injury free!