You are on a path of self discovery, self improvement, increased wellbeing and the path is unfolding, it never ends.

Your relationship with your mind and body is an ongoing concern and it’s not a race to get to the end nor is it a competition with yourself or others. It’s unique and it can be an adventure!

The way I see Pilates is just this, it is a practice that’s never done or complete, like acquiring a college degree. It’s an ongoing pathway to enjoy your body and engage your mind. Using breath, precision and your focused mind.

So don’t stop keep going and enjoy the ride!

Regardless of the time of year, the external pressures, you owe yourself time and space to feel good in your body and strengthen your mindset.

To apply the Pilates principles, to name a few; correct breathing, in the moment movement and unison with ones own body. It can feel liberating and releasing of stressful thoughts and pressures of life appreciation for ones own body and how it moving you through the daily tasks.

It also reminds us we are not meant to strive for perfection but to allow ourselves the freedom to feel better about ourselves and look for the positives as we improve over time.

Take 5 minutes for yourself and perform this simple breathing exercise to help focus your mind;

Close your eyes, sit and place your hands on either side of your ribcage. Inhale and breathe into the back and sides of your body, rather than taking a belly breath.
You will feel your obliques and upper back expand and you will feel your ribs draw apart from one another sideways.
When you exhale, your ribs should knit together again.

Try and do this exercise at least once a day and feel the difference it can make. Reward yourself for your achievements because you deserve it!