flexi class pass

Do you ever just wish you could do things on your terms? Halt the neverending list of chores, pause the clock and take a minute to recuperate, catch your breath and then go when you’re ready? I know exactly what that feels like, juggling raising my beautiful daughter, ferrying her to activities, whilst still being responsible for chores and duties at home, trying to have a social life, making time for myself and running a business.

More and more often, it seems like there are just not enough hours in the day. I know I’m not alone in feeling like this – we are all facing the strain. Add in the fact that there’s just so much uncertainty in our lives at the moment, not helped by the constant back-and-forth of politics. It can be difficult to get everything done we’d like to in a day.

And the inclination we sometimes feel is to sacrifice our own desires in favour of ensuring our family’s needs are met. Often, that comes at the expense of neglecting our own needs, emotionally, spiritually and sometimes physically. This is why I love Pilates. Being in the studio is like being in a sanctuary. Every time I’m on the mat or on an apparatus, I feel recharged, not just in my physical abilities, but in my heart and spirit, my mood.

That feeling is so powerful and life-altering. I don’t want you to ever miss it. So we created the Pilates flexi class pass. Our flexi class pass gives you the opportunity to still attend Pilates sessions when it’s right for you. We know that some months are busier than others. We know that commitments stack up, squeezing out time for other things. Equally, there are some days when you may look at your schedule and see that you could fit in a session in the studio.

That is the beauty of the flexi class pass. There’s no commitment right now. Use it as it suits you over the course of 35 days. Choose any 10 group classes: our classic mat Pilates classes, our Tower classes or our Reformer classes. Attend your favourite, or sample them all. But most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to choose a time that works for you.

Don’t let your fitness waiver because of being busy. Slot Pilates into your week in a way that makes sense to your life. You’re always welcome in the VIPilates studio. Purchase a flexi class pass now.