This week is Back Care Awareness week! All week long you can follow us on our Instagram account – @vipilatesclassicalstudio for tips and advice on how Pilates can help with back care.

Today on Instagram, you’ll see our top 5 Pilates exercises to alleviate back pain:

  1. The Hundred
  2. Supported Roll Up
  3. Single Leg Circle
  4. Single Leg Stretch
  5. Spine Stretch Forward

With these exercises, to support the back, keep the knees bent in towards the chese and one foot on the floor. Remember, these basic exercises offer the most support when lying on the floor.

Classical Pilates exercises done in the correct order can build your body strength whilst allowing the body position in the biggest base of support, whilst getting stronger, we slowly add more challenging movements, reducing the base of support as the body gets stronger. The beginner exercises are mainly in supine where the structures of the body are mostly supported.

When you visit us in the studio, you can request that we do exercises that focus on back care if this is something that is of interest to you. We’ll start with basic manoeuvres, keeping the knee bent and supported. We’ll gradually add other exercises in as the body gets stronger, challenging you a bit more with each exercise.

We’ll start with supine exercises that strengthen the neck and the whole body connections then add complexity as the body gets more advanced.  During the session, you’ll hear us speak about Correct Nose Breathing as this is a big component of the basic exercises. This will help us with learning to breathe into the back of the ribs.

A good strengthening exercise would be The Hundred performed with the feet down and the head lifted for 30 beats of the arms. If you’re ready to go deeper, you can slowly increase over time towards 100 beats/10 breaths to complete The Hundred.