What do you buy for the man who has it all? We have the solution for a unique Father’s Day gift – a Pilates session! A gift of a Pilates session is both thoughtful and unique. It conveys that you care about your dad and would like to treat him to a session in the studio where he can look after himself.

Unique Father's Day Gift Idea

Although developed by a man, Joseph Pilates, over the years the Pilates has received a false reputation of being exclusively for women. This is absolutely untrue and men will get just as much benefit and value from a Pilates session as women.

Pilates is a great form of crosstraining, targeting sometimes missed smaller muscles. Pilates empowers participants with improved flexibility, greater mobility and increased strength. Whether Dad is a keen fitness buff, new to working out or looking to try something different, we are confident he’ll enjoy his time in the studio!

You can save 25% on a single private Pilates session for your dad with our unique Father’s Day gift offer. All you have to do is book online with the code FATHER25.